Scratch Maps: Why They’re More Convenient Than a Travel Map with Pins

When searching for a gift idea for those that love to travel, it would be easy to assume that there is

an abundance of ideas. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and there can be times when map-

based gift ideas aren’t quite what we expected.

The value of conventional maps should be underestimated, especially given the many sectors they

cover, but they're not always designed in a way that makes them appealing as a gift idea.

In the past, it wasn’t unusual to use a conventional map with pins to keep track of the travels made,

but those who travel frequently can find this soon becomes overwhelming and doesn’t always look

great when on display.

Scratch Maps offer the perfect balance of practicality and novelty that make them appealing as gift

ideas, and more convenient than using a travel map with pins.

This is because Scratch Maps allow users to scratch away a foil panel to record their travels as

opposed to the use of a pin. As well as being more accurate, it also ensures that the visual appeal pf

the map isn’t affected, by ensuring that the updating of the map is part of the experience.

Not only can travellers keep track of their travels easily, but they can also enjoy a map that’s tailored

to their interests thanks to the multitude of options available, and example of which is as follows.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

One of the most common reasons some may consider using a travel map with pins is to keep a

record of the USA landmarks visited. The Scratch Map USA Landmarks not only allows users to keep

an accurate record the landmarks visited so far, but they can also find out all they need to know

about the famous landmarks scattered across the USA.

As well as making light work of keeping an accurate record of the USA landmarks visited, the Scratch

Map USA Landmarks looks beautiful on display.

Scratch Map Wild World

The Scratch Map Wild World is another example of how diverse the Scratch Map range can be. As

well as being ideal for animal lovers, the Scratch Map Wild World is also ideal for children keen to

find out more about the different wildlife found around the world.

The Scratch Map Wild World comes included with a fact sheet that offers information about the

different animals. Each part of the world is represented by animal icons and it’s luxurious blue and

green aesthetic ensures that it looks great on display, be it in the bedroom or in the lounge.

Scratch Off Map Travel Original

Not only can Scratch Maps be convenient for the home, but they’re also used by those who want a

way of recording their travels in real-time. The Scratch Off Map Travel Original offers all the qualities

of the Scratch Map Original, only in a mobile form factor.

The dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Travel Original are 42 x 29.7cm making it small enough to

store in any suitcase or backpack. Users can scratch off the foil panels to plan their journeys or keep

track of where they’ve already been, and there’s even a blank map included on the reverse so the

person using the Scratch Off Map Travel Original can make their own notes, and then wipe the map

clean when finished.

The Scratch Off Map Travel Original is another example of how flexible the range of Scratch Maps

can be to those searching for gits for different personalities and requirements.


Scratch Map Hello

When using a map with pins, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to learn a new language in the

process. Although the Scratch Map Hello only deals with different greetings around the world, it’s

the ideal gift idea for those who love different cultures, countries and languages as well as being a

brilliant education tool for children.

As with other Scratch Maps, users keep a record of their travels by scratching off the foil panels.

However, every time a panel is removed, the person using the map will be taught how to say hello in

that region, as well as being given a breakdown of the pronunciation.

Keeping track of travel with pins may be effective the shirt-term, but the use of Scratch Map when

planning holidays allows for more accuracy and allows those using the map to find out other

important information.