Terrific Scratch Maps and Journals for Those That Love to Travel

Ever since the launch of the Scratch Map Original in 2009, the range has gone from strength-to-strength. Not only does the range offer Scratch Maps for all types of interests, including food and language, but also has various Scratch Map designed with travellers in mind.

Regardless of whether you are backpacking for the first time or using your retirement to revisit destinations, the following Scratch Maps should part of your itinerary.

The Classic Scratch Map Design Is Now Available in a Smaller Size

Are you in love with the design of the Scratch Map Original, but fear it may not too big for your backpack? Then why not consider the travel-sized counterpart.
The Scratch Map Original Travel Edition offers the same information as its larger iteration but can be transported with ease. What is more, there is even a blank map included on the reverse that allows the avid traveller to make notes on the fly.

Evoke Inspiration with the Adventure Map

One of the reasons many people fail to meet their travel goals is not knowing here to start. The Adventure Map is designed to offer users a series of different activities around the world. If you are worried than you will run short of things to do, then fear not, as the Adventure Map lists over 2280 activities, so there should be little reasons as to why you can’t get some inspiration for your next adventure using the Adventure Map.

The Adventure Map comes complete with a dedicated booklet, and a dot represents each different activity.
The aesthetics of the Adventure Map delivers the perfect balance of bold black and luxurious copper to offer a design that is both striking and luxurious and looks superb on display as a result.

The Travelouge Travel Journal Is a Necessity for Travellers

Scratch Maps are merely one part of the travel experience, as there are also a series of journals that are perfect for those who like to backpack or just go on unique travelling adventures.
The Travelouge Travel Journal consists of 64 pages and comes included with eight miniature Scratch Maps that are superb when exploring different areas. There are also travel tips, advice and checklists included, ensuring that you are getting the best from your travel endeavours.

Build Up Your Bucket List with the Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal takes its inspiration from the Adventure Map but adds some additional features that make it the perfect companion for travelling. Like the Travelouge Travel Journal, the Adventure Journal includes eight miniature Scratch Maps, and contains 64 pages.

There is also a list that contains over 300 bucket list ideas, so if you were stuck for inspiration before, the Adventure Journal can help bulk up your bucket list in next to no time.

The Scratch Map Backpacker Edition is Perfect for Avid Adventurers

Going backpacking can be a different experience to other holidays, so the correct type of journal is essential. Fortunately, the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition comes with everything a backpacker needs when exploring the world.

The Scratch Map Backpacker Edition includes a drawstring bag, a copper marker and dry wipe cloth. This allows backpackers to make notes easily, while also being able to protect their map from the harsh elements.

The Colorlouge Travel Journal Allows for Some Calm When Travelling

Although the prospect of travelling is an exciting one, it can be stressful at times. Fortunately, the Colourlogue Travel Journal can help travellers record information, while finding some inner-calm in the process.

The Colorlouge Travel Journal includes maps, flags and guides that can all be coloured in when ties are stressful, and even comes complete with a set of five coloured pencils. There is also a protective travel wallet included to ensure that your Colourlogue Travel Journal is protected from the elements.
The options listed are merely an example of some fantastic travel-themed products available. As well as several variants of the Scratch Map, there are several journals and globes to choose from. As well as looking great around the home or office, they also make brilliant gift ideas.