Scratch Map UK Edition

Maps can be a lot of fun, but those using them for the first time may find that they’re a little overwhelming the first time around.

Although more and more people are keen to learn more about the world around them, they may only want to take small steps when being introduced to a Scratch Map for the first time.

In other instances, people may want to focus on events and tourist attractions that are closer to home.

Fortunately, the Scratch Map UK Edition can offer everything you’re looking for in an original and practical gift.

What Does the Scratch Map UK Edition Scratch Map Offer?

Having ascertained that maps covering the whole globe can be too overwhelming to some, the design of the Scratch Map UK offers more information and detail than that of a global equivalent.

Whether you’re buying a map for someone who loves travelling around the UK and Ireland, or you’re looking to teach your children more about their culture, the Scratch Map UK and Ireland Edition can be the perfect gift

Those who receive the Scratch Map UK and Ireland Edition can enjoy the following features:

  • Gold Foil on Gloss Paper
  • Gives Details of Counties, Islands and Other Bodies of Water
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Comes Complete with Presentation Tube

Not only does this unique Scratch Map offer an immersive and enjoyable way of documenting visits around the UK, but it also reveals a slew of facts as each panel is scratched off.

The Scratch Map UK and Ireland Edition is also ideal for those making their plans when visiting the United Kingdom.

Maps allow budding travellers to plan out a journey with more accuracy while learning some noteworthy facts along the way.

Plan a Musical Journey

When a person’s favourite act is touring the United Kingdom, some will want to catch their idol more than once.

Using the UK edition of the Scratch Map allows you to document your travels along the way, and potentially make some new discoveries in the process.

As well as all the amazing photographs, the Scratch Map UK edition will ensure that there’s always something to look back on in years to come.

As well as being a practical map, it also looks great on display. Removing the foil is much easier when compared to another type of foil, such as that seen on scratch cards.

This ensures that the map stays in pristine condition regardless of how many times it is updated.

GiftLab not only stocks the Scratch Map UK Edition but also many other versions of the Scratch Map series.

If you’re looking to partner the gift with something else that’s unusual, then why not browse the extensive range of gifts available at GiftLab today.