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Katarina Tamova Content Creator

Katarina Tamova and their map

Hi I'm...

Katarina Tamova

My job at Luckies involves...

Photography, video and post-production content creation.

My favourite Scratch Map is...

Scratch Map USA Landmarks. I like it because it’s very colorful and fun!

Those little town blues, are scratching away.

My most embarrassing/funniest travel story is...

One monkey in Bali jumped on my head and tried to eat my hair. Didn’t manage to, but she wouldn’t leave me alone for 20 minutes.

My favourite travel photo I’ve taken is...

One from Indonesia. Pictures of sunsets are super cliché I know, but it was unbelievable.

Kata(-rina's) klise.

My best travel hack/accessory is...

Quick dry towels. Best thing in the world!

The next item off my travel bucket list will be...

Benelux and Denmark in September, and next year Portugal I hope.

The best place I've ever been to is...

Oh, Iceland definitely! Such great nature!

Fjord Fiesta.

My dream travel destination is...

Can’t decide. I guess everywhere... and the moon.

All that's left once you've scratched the whole world.