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Magali Feraud Sales Account Manager

Magali Feraud and their map

Hi I'm...

Magali, the Frenchie of the office.

My job at Luckies involves...

I am in charge of our French market. I am working with our French Agent to take care of our French and Benelux customers. It involves more logistics /marketing requirements than wine and amuses bouche...

My favourite Scratch Map is...

Rose Gold Scratch Map, I am fond of marble and it goes really well with the current rose gold trend.

My most embarrassing/funniest travel story is...

In Madagascar, one night after a 9hours train, we arrived at our hotel around 4 AM. The hotel decoration was really kitsch. We were all getting ready to go to sleep, and I do not know why, I saw two lizard ornaments on the wall and decided to touch them. Obviously they were real and they moved away. I screamed so much that people thought someone was killing me. After waking up all those people, they wanted to know why I screamed, and I had to explain...

My favourite travel photo I’ve taken is...

On the Island of Cayo Saetia in Cuba - we were alone on that beautiful island with the turquoise ocean in front of us, and just for us.

Cayo Saetia, Cuba

My best travel hack/accessory is...

A bottle of French champagne! First thing I do when arriving at destination is celebrate!
Sorry, I am French.

The next item off my travel bucket list will be...

I would like to survive Christmas in Russia!

The best place I've ever been to is...

India - this trip opened up my mind and my heart to the world around me. There is so much tradition, culture and simplicity there.

Cittorgarh Fort, India

My dream travel destination is...

Zanzibar, Tanzania. I used to say this word “Zanzibar” to speak about something strange without knowing it really existed. I was so shocked the day I found out that I need to go there.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow