Scratch Map Rainbow Edition


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The Scratch Map Rainbow Edition is our most colorful map yet.

Why limit yourself to a pot of just gold, when you could have a shimmering, opalescent rainbow of colour? Printed on Satin Gloss Laminate paper, our Scratch Map Rainbow Edition is the first ever to feature the world in cool, crisp, metallics.

With a close up of Europe and the Caribbean islands, there’s no need to limit your scratching. Simply remove the vibrant green top layer to reveal your travels in all their iridescent glory. As if the dazzling under-layer wasn’t brilliant enough, the reflection changes with the position of the map, making every one unique to its home and position.


  • Iridescent base layer
  • Scratchable green top layer
  • Numbered countries with detailed key
  • Topographic relief detailing
  • Close-ups of the Caribbean & Europe
  • Marked capitals of the World


  • Paper
  • Gloss laminate
  • Holographic foil
  • Latex


59.4cm x 82.5cm

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