Framed Scratch Maps Can Promote Your Love of Travel Throughout the Home

There are many ways of documenting our travels, but the Scratch Map range can offer a spin on the
conventional map that transforms it into a timeless keepsake that can be used in different ways.

The Framed Scratch Map range is perfect for those looking for something creative to display around the home that also shows their love of the world.
There are several iterations of the Framed Scratch Map that look fabulous around the home or office, and all come with their own unique tone and aesthetic.

Framed Scratch Map Original

As the name entails, the Framed Scratch Map Original is the original iteration of the iconic series and
can light up any room thanks to its luxurious white and gold finish.

The Scratch Map Original itself is manufactured using laminate, paper and coloured foil and comes complete with a pine frame that complements the look of the map perfectly.
There is no glass in the frames, so the Framed Scratch Map Original can be updated with ease. So, whether the Framed Scratch Map Original is used for planning holidays or keeping a record of the places you’ve been so far, the Framed Scratch Map Original will look great in any room in the home.

Framed Scratch Map Clear

The Scratch Map range is one that continues to be original and inspired, and this is made evident by the Framed Scratch Map Clear. The Framed Scratch Map Cleat is manufactured using acetate and foil and gives transparent aesthetics that sees the countries disappear each time a foil panel is removed.

The transparent nature of the Framed Scratch Map Clear means that it can be displayed anywhere without looking out of place and can be tailored to fit in with the travels made so far. If you’re looking for a gift for fans of things that are crystal clear, then the Framed Scratch Map Clear is Just what you’re looking for.

Framed Scratch Off Map Oceans

As well as looking fantastic display the Scratch Map range is also renowned for its abundance of information, and the Framed Scratch Off Map Oceans is no different.
Those searching for gift centred on oceanography will find that the Framed Scratch Off Map Oceans has an abundance of facts available for every nautical fanatic and is yet again another great way of recording the travels made so far, be it by land or sea.

The nautical-themed Scratch Map is made from high-quality plastic and foil and offers a visual representation of the many bodies of water that can be found around the world. The Framed Scratch Off Map Oceans also comes complete with its own pine frames that allow the map to be displayed straight away.

Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe

Despite the choice of Scratch Maps available, those searching for a gift for those who like the finer things in life will find all they’re looking for with the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe.
The aesthetics of the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe offers a beautiful design made up of black and gold, with the map being contained within a luxurious black pine frame that is ready to be displayed straight away.

As the luxurious gold foil panels are removed, those using the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe are treated to an influx of colour that helps keep a record of the countries visited so far. Regardless of whether it’s displayed in the home or office, the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe is a luxurious addition to the range that’s hard to ignore when on display.

Scratch Map Wild World

If you’re looking for a gift for someone that can’t get enough of animals, then why not consider the popular Scratch Map Wil Word. Rather than finding out about different languages or landmarks, this immersive Scratch Map offers a multitude of facts about different animals.

As well as being a hit with adults, the Scratch Map Wild World has also been a hit with children. Scratching away the foil panels allows adults and children alike to find out more about their favourite wildlife as well the countries they reside in.

There are lots of reasons why people want to travel around the round, and this is reflected by the unique range of Scratch Maps. Regardless of the occasion or personality, you can be confident that there’s a Scratch Map available to ensure the gift you give is thoughtful and original.