Is There a Scratch Map Available with US States Listed?

Is There a Scratch Map Available with US States Listed?

The Scratch Map series started in 2009 and has been a popular gift idea ever since.

As the popularity of the Scratch Map range soared, so too did the choice of Scratch Maps, which are

now able to cover subject matters like new languages and different animals.

As well as being able to offer a design that’s original and thought-provoking, the Scratch Map series

also does a great job of offering the same functionality of a conventional map, albeit with a twist.

Despite the Scratch Map series offering an accurate representation of the world and many different

designs, it wasn’t long before a Scratch Map dedicated to the USA was sought.

Fortunately, the Scratch Map range can offer maps for all sorts of occasions and can offer Scratch

Maps that are dedicated to the land of apple pie and all the wonderful landmarks they have to offer.

The Scratch Maps focused on US states aren’t just rehashes of past Scratch Maps, but instead

designed afresh to ensure that users can find out all they need to know about the USA.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

It’s easy to take landmarks for granted, but the fact remains that they remain to be a popular tourist

draw because of the history and fascination surrounding them.

Some people may want to explore all the landmarks in the USA, whereas others may want to

concentrate on the landmarks found within one state.

Whatever you’re hoping to see in relation to USA landmarks the Scratch Map USA Landmarks can

offer all the information you’re looking for.

The aesthetics of the map offer a green foil on gloss paper and as each panel is removed, those using

the map can find out about the different landmarks located in different states.

Maybe you’re keen to see a massive feat of engineering in the form of the Hoover Dam, which helps

hold back the Colorado River? Or maybe you’re keen to travel back in time and visit the

Independence Hall, the same building where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Scratch Off Map USA Deluxe

Sometimes, only the best will do, and this is exactly what’s on offer with the Scratch Off Map USA


Although every Scratch Map has its own personality and design, the Scratch Off Map USA Deluxe is

the perfect addition for fans of the USA looking for the added touch of class.

The Scratch Off Map USA Deluxe is presented in a bold black and gold finish that looks great

anywhere, whether it’s in the lounge or the bedroom.

Those looking to keep track of their adventures around the USA in the most luxurious ways will find

everything they need with the Scratch Off Map Deluxe.

How Should You Use a Scratch Off Map Focused on the USA?

One of the great things about the Scratch Map range is that they can be used in any way you see fit.

Although the Scratch Map USA Landmarks can be used to keep track of the destinations visited, it

can also be a fun element of the planning stage.

Sure, there will be a requirement for some online research, but a map offers a concise snapshot of

an area without conflicting information, which ensures that making plans are much easier.


Scratch Maps also have a fantastic educational value, especially in relation to children.

It goes without saying that people can’t get enough of the satisfying sensation they get when a foil

panel is removed, and the same is true for children.

However, children will be learning more about the world in general, and both the Scratch Map USA

Landmarks and Scratch Map USA Deluxe can be used to offer an overall perspective the many states

and landmarks.

Not only does this mean that their knowledge of geography increases but will be more open to new

traditions and cultures.

Finding the perfect gift can be a hassle sometimes but considering an original gift such as the Scratch

Map not only allows you to choose something different but still ensures that there is an abundance

of choice available.