Scratch Off Map Oceans Overview

When we think of maps it’s not unusual to think about landmarks and landmass, but there is just as much to discover about the many bodies of water found around the world. Fortunately, the Scratch Off Map Oceans is perfect for those looking to document their open-water adventures in a novel way.

The ocean theme is also shown in the design of the Scratch Off Map Oceans as it is printed on high-quality acetate allowing for a truly unique aesthetic.

Features of the Scratch Off Map Oceans

  • Printed on Premium Transparent Acetate
  • Country Key for Smaller Countries
  • Additional Information About Other Bodies of Water

Materials Used to Manufacture the Scratch Off Map Oceans

  • Laminate
  • Acetate
  • Coloured Foil

Dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Oceans

  • 5 x 59.4 cm

A Great Gift for Those That Crave Cruises

When it comes to travelling around the world it can be done in several ways, and more and more people are enjoying the luxury of sitting back and taking in the world at their own pace in the form of a cruise.

As well as keeping an accurate record of the destinations visited so far, there is also an abundance of features that detail other bodies of water, giving cruise fans all they need to know about life on the open water.

A Perfect for Educational Tool

Although the Scratch Off Map Oceans is a great tool for those embarking on a cruise, it can be just as useful as a resource when finding out more about the world and the bodies of oceans it offers.

Regardless of whether the Scratch Off Map Oceans is used by children or adults, there is plenty of information available as each foil panel is removed to make the Scratch Off Map Oceans the perfect educational tool.

An Ideal Choice for Something Different to Display

Despite all the benefits that the Scratch Off Map range can offer, many like them because they offer a novel focal point for the home, and the Scratch Off Map Oceans is no different. Not only foes the Scratch Off Map Oceans look great on display, but it can also be tailored to show the countries visited so far.

The Scratch Off Map Oceans is just one of many inspired Scratch Off Maps that all have a unique design and approach.

If you’re searching for a gift for a difference, then why not browse the wide selection of Scratch Maps for some inspiration.