Scratch Off Map Capitals Overview

Regardless of the gift we’re looking for, there can be time when choice is limited. Fortunately, those that consider a Scratch Off Map as a gift idea are introduced to an abundance of gift ideas that are suitable for all types of events and occasions.

The great things about the Scratch Map range is the amount of choice available when it comes to the different themes. Whereas some Scratch Off Maps will be focused on food and language, others will have a focus on landmarks and the oceans.

Those that have a taste for city live will adore the introduction of The Scratch Off Map Capitals.

The design of the Scratch Off Map Capitals is presented in a sleek black foil design that introduced a flourish of colour each time a panel is removed.

Features of the Scratch Off Map Capitals

  • Made from Premium Paper, Laminate and Coloured Foil

Dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Capitals

  • 4 x 82.5 x 0.2 cm

The Perfect Gift for Fans of City Breaks

There are lots of things that can be enjoyed when visiting the different capitals around the world, and the use of the Scratch Off Map Capitals can be the perfect way of finding out all you need to know about the different populations and density associated with the many capital cities around the world.

As well as being a foundation of knowledge, the Scratch Off Map Capital also look great on display and is a great way of showcasing all the fabulous cities visited so far.

A Great Gift for International Freelancers

There can be times when friends and loved ones are rarely in one place for long, and those who work professional for global clients can soon find themselves located in various capital cities around the world.

As such, the Scratch Off Map Capitals is the perfect gift which not only allows professionals to keep track of their travels, but can also offer guidance about the capital they’re currently located in.

A Brilliant Educational Tool

Regardless of whether the Scratch Off Map Capitals is used by adults and children, it is the superb tool when it comes to finding out more about the world around us.

As well as becoming more familiar with capital cities, the use of the Scratch Off Map Capitals can also ensure that those using the map become more familiar with subjects like population density.

The Scratch Map Capital is just one of the many inspired Scratch Off Maps available that re perfect gift ideas for all sorts of occasions and personalities.