Scratch Off Map Original Overview

Although many of us will be aware of the concept of maps, not everyone will know how much value they can bring when it comes to planning and document travels, especially when using one of the original Scratch Maps.

Based on the original design of the map that many will be familiar with, the Scratch Map series offers all the information you would fond on an everyday map and pairs it with a series of features that allow for a more immersive experience, as well as several options when it comes to personalising the map.

The Scratch Off Map Original is where it all started back in 2009, and the Scratch Off Map Original continues to be as popular today as it was when it released many years ago.

Features of the Scratch Off Map Original

  • Gold Foil on Gloss Paper
  • The First Edition of the Popular Scratch Map Series
  • Includes Detailed US and Australian State Lines
  • Information Included Regarding Canadian Provinces and Territories

Materials Used to Manufacture the Scratch Off Map Original

  • Laminate
  • Coloured Foil
  • Card

Dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Original

  • 5 x 59.4 cm

Perfect for Keeping Track of Travels

Despite there being an abundance of different ways to record our travels abroad, nothing is as tactile or as original as the Scratch Off Map Original.

Regardless of how old the person is, the Scratch Off Map Original is the perfect way of keeping track of the holidays they’ve been on and looks fabulous on display afterwards.

There’s even a dedicated hanging solution in the form of Hang! which is not only easy-to-use but ensures that the hanging of Scratch Maps can be done safely.

A Great Gift for Grandparents

Anyone with grandparents will know how much they love to display different stages in their lives, and while many are aware of the digital iterations of memories that are available, the older generation will sometime prefer something that’s more tactile.

In this instance, the Scratch Off Map Original is the perfect gift idea. Not only can the Scratch Off Map Original be used to highlight all of the adventures grandparents have been on over the years, but it’s also looks fabulous on display.

This ensures that grandparents have a gift that they can display with pride, while still having a gift that has an underlying touch of personalisation that allows it to become a genuine keepsake over time.

Although the Scratch Off Map Original is the first map in the series, there are many other designs and themes to enjoy with the range of Scratch Maps.

If you’re looking for an original gift that can be personalised and displayed with pride, then why not explore the options the iconic Scratch Map range has to offer.