Scratch Off Map Travel Original Overview

The original iteration of the Scratch Map Original proved to be so popular upon its launch back in 2009 that there was soon a demand for a compact size of the iconic Scratch Map. As such, the Scratch Off Map Travel Original was introduced allowing fans of the Scratch Map series to keep track of their travel while travelling.

Features of the Scratch Off Map Travel Original

  • Gold Foil on Gloss Paper
  • Blank Map on Reverse

Material Used to Manufacture the Scratch Off Map Travel Original

  • Laminate
  • Coloured Foil
  • Paper

Dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Travel Original

  • 42 x 29.7 cm

A Terrific Gift for Travellers

There’s nothing more exciting than going travelling, and the use of video and pictures means that there are always memories be reflected on. However, some may be looking for a more novel approach to keeping track of the adventures and the Scratch Map Travel Original is the perfect way of achieving this.

Not only does the Scratch Off Map Travel Original allow travellers to document allows while on the move, the inclusion of a blank map on the reverse of the map to ensure that there’s no need to be keeping a series of notes pads and bits of paper in tow.

A Great Educational Tool for Children

If there’s one thing that’s great about the Scratch Map range, it’s the appeal it can offer to people of all ages. Children have a very inquisitive nature, and the use of the Scratch Off Map Travel Original can help them become more accustomed to what the world has to offer, allowing them to go on their own mini-adventure at any time.

A Superb Gift for Newlyweds

Finding an original gift for those about to tie the knot can be difficult at times but looking at the Scratch Map range for inspiration will unearth a series of original gift ideas, including the Scratch Off Map Travel Original.

As well as being an excellent way of keeping track of the honeymoon and other journeys, it will also be a keepsake that can be looked back on fondly in years to come.

The Scratch Off Map Travel Original is just one of many Scratch Maps available. Regardless of whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for music fans or those that can’t get enough of food, then why not look at the rest of the Scratch Map collection for an original and inspired gift idea.