Scratch Map and Globes: Personalised Gifts with a Difference

There will be times when many of us are unsure of which avenue to explore when it comes to

personalised gifts. When we think of personalises gifts, it’s not unusual to think of items such as mug

and t-shirts, and while these options can be a lot of fun, there are times when people may be

thinking of something different.

Maps are an integral part of our life, as it allows us to build a more realistic overview of the world, as

well as making travel plans a lot easier. Of course, there are digital iterations of the map available,

but these are designed for online use so won’t always give an accurate description of scale. What’s

more, there’s still a lot of fun to be had when it comes to using a tactile map, especially if you’re

using a Scratch Map.

The Scratch Map series began with the Scratch Map Original back in 2009 and has been a popular

personalised gift idea for several years, and this can be attributed to the many designs available,

which cover all types of interests.

One of the most alluring aspects of the iconic Scratch Map range is the scratchable foil panels that

can be removed with ease. They're also a great tool for those looking to get people interested in the

world and offers plenty of encouragement to ensure that there is full immersion with the map.

Another reason why the Scratch Map range has been so popular among those looking for a unique

personalised gift is the amount of choice available. As well as being able to offer many different

versions of the Scratch Map, there are also globes and journals that all offer something different to

the conventional options available.

The following is an overview of some the Scratch Maps and Scratch Globes available, as well as some

other personalised gift ideas that you may not have considered.

Scratch Map Original

As the name implies, the Scratch Map Original is the first design of the Scratch Map that continues to

be as popular today as it was when first introduced over ten years ago.

Just because the Scratch Map Original was the first version doesn’t mean it pales in comparison to

the others. In fact, the gold and white design of the luxurious map has seen a travel-sized edition


The map can be personalised in many ways. For example, some may scratch off the foil panel to

reflect the countries already visited, whereas others may want to update the Scratch Map Original

was some of their dream locations.

Scratch Globe

The Scratch Globe is a take on the Scratch Map series that offers a three-dimensional iteration that

can still be updated with ease. Although the Scratch Globe has to be put together assembly couldn’t

be any easier and takes all of a few minutes.

The Scratch Globe measures 20 x 20 x 20 cm and is made from the same high-quality materials as

the Scratch Map Original. As such, the Scratch Globe is a personalised gift with a difference that will

stand the test of time and act as a keepsake in years to come.

Adventure Journal

When we think of travel journals, it could be easy to assume that they’re all one and the same.

Although this can be the case in some instances, the Adventure Journal is a completely original take

on the travel journal that offers plenty of inspiration for those looking to make the most of their



The Adventure Journal is a 64-page journal that comes complete with over 300 bucket list ideas. This

means that regardless of the country visited, there were always be an inspiration for those looking

to experience something more daring.

The Adventure Journal even comes complete with eight miniature versions of the Scratch Map, so

making the best of trips abroad has never been easier.

Stamp Map

Despite the popularity of Scratch Maps, there will always be people who are keen to adopt new

ideas when reinventing the maps, and those looking for a personalised gift for those who want to

keep their trips abroad organised in a pro-active way, then the Stamp Map is the perfect gift idea.

As the name off this map suggests, rather than employ the use of scratchable foil, the Stamp Map

instead uses stamps as a means of recording visits abroad.

There are stamps and ink pads included that couldn’t be easier to use. Users simply stamp the

countries they want to visit with an ‘X’ and when the country has been visited, they can update the

map using the ‘VISITED’ stamp.

The world of travel-inspired gifts doesn’t have to be limited, as shown by the many maps, journals

and globes available within the Scratch Map range. Regardless of the type of traveller your searching

for a gift for, you can be confident that there is a perfect gift idea available.