Holiday Reveal Ideas: How the Scratch Map Range Can Help

The Scratch Map range is one that is popular because of the diverse options when given as a gift.

Some may use a Scratch Map to plan their perfect holiday, whereas others may just want something

that’s different to display around the home.

As well as being able to offer an abundance of different features, there are many versions of the

Scratch Map that means the range appeals to people with different interests and requirements.

The Scratch Map range is also ideal for those looking for holiday reveal ides. The following is an

example of how different maps can be used for holiday reveal ideas and can be used to help

enrichen the experience.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

The Scratch Map USA Landmarks alone is a wonderful gift idea, but when used for a holiday reveal it

can make the concept of visiting all the famous landmarks found in the USA are a lot more exciting.

The Scratch Map USA Landmarks delivers a classic American aesthetic that looks great on display


As well as being a fabulous way of revealing a dream holiday in the USA, the Scratch Map USA

Landmarks can be used to find out lots of information about the many landmarks in the USA,

ensuring that a trip to the States is one that will be remembered for the long term.

Scratch Map Europe

Are you looking to explore what Europe has to offer with a loved one? Then what better holiday

reveal idea than the Scratch Map Europe. Not only is the Scratch Map Europe a perfect holiday

reveal gift, but it’s also a central hub for all you need to know about Europe.

The luxurious white and gold finish offers an abundance of information about the local sights,

eateries and landmarks and like other Scratch Maps in the series, the Scratch Map Europe can be

tailored to details some of the fabulous destinations that you’ve been fortunate enough to visit in


Scratch Map Backpacker

It’s not always easy to present a backpacking holiday in a tactile way, but the Scratch Map

Backpacker is the perfect embodiment of exciting adventure abroad. As the name of the Scratch

Map implies, the Scratch Map Backpacker is designed for those that like to take a different avenue

when booking holidays abroad and is the perfect way of revealing a planning backpacking adventure.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is smaller than other Scratch Maps so it can be used when travelling. As

well as being small enough to store in a backpack or suitcase. The Scratch Map Backpacker also

comes with everything you need.

Scratch Map Capitals

Some people may be more partial to a city break than going backpacking, so those looking to reveal

a holiday that focuses on a capital city will find that the Scratch Map Capital is the perfect way of

doing this.

The map offers a matte black finish with an awash of colour as each section revealed. The map can

be scratched beforehand to detail the planned visit or presented blank to add to the suspense.

As well as being a novel holiday reveal idea, the Scratch Map Capitals is also something that can be

displayed with ease and used a keepsake for a memorable holiday.

Scratch Map Oceans

Although cruise tickets can be a great way to reveal a holiday, the Scratch Map Oceans is a holiday

reveal that’s unique that can also add to the experience. Created from clear acetate, the Scratch

Map Oceans offers an aesthetics that represents life on the open water perfectly.

As well as being used to reveal a planned cruise, the Scratch Map Oceans can also offer an

abundance of useful information, such ad details about different bodies of water.

The Scratch Map Oceans is another example of just how diverse the range is, and how it can be used

for several holiday reveal ideas.

Reveal a holiday can be exciting enough by itself, but using a Scratch Map as a holiday reveal idea

allows for an additional layer of excitement and can even be used to document the experience with