Scratch Map Oceans Edition

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Introducing the Scratch Map Oceans Edition

Scratch Maps have been gaining attention from the masses for some time, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as offering an immersive experience for those interested in the world, it has also become one of the most purchased gifts among those looking for something different to offer a loved one.

The range of Scratch Maps has grown to encompass a series of interests, and its newest additional sets its focus on oceanology.

What’s Different About the Scratch Map Oceans Edition?

The Scratch Map Oceans Edition offers the same great aesthetics of past version but has now overhauled the character of the map giving it a more relaxed tone.

A shimmering blue background is partnered with silver foil panels. As each panel is scratched offer, map users are introduced to warm vibrant colours that can be the ideal inspiration when planning future travels.

It’s not only travellers that will fall in love with the Scratch Map Oceans Edition, as those interested in oceanology can find out detailed facts about the oceans as each panel is scratched off.

Those who receive the gift of a Scratch Map Oceans Edition can also enjoy the following features:

  • A Transparent Acetate
  • Country Key for Smaller Countries
  • Includes Information About Oceans, Seas and Other Bodies of Water

Those purchasing a Scratch Map Oceans Edition can also be assured that the gift they’re given is of the highest quality due to the premium materials used during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the Scratch Map Oceans Edition will last a lifetime and allow its owner to reflect on the memories it contains.

Who Can Enjoy the Scratch Map Oceans Edition?

The great thing about Scratch Maps is that can appeal to many people in different ways. Whether it’s a happy couple celebrating where they first met or a music fan following their favourite band on the road, the Scratch Map series has been the gift of choice for many.

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