The Scratch Map Chalk Edition

Maps are enjoyed by millions around the world, regardless of whether it’s in their original form or a digital iteration on a smartphone.

Although many of use maps on a regular basis, not everyone is aware of the benefits a tactile map can offer the home or workplace, especially if its part of the Scratch Map range.

Luckies has been manufacturing scratch maps since 2009 and has released several versions on its iconic Scratch Map which allows those searching for an unusual gift the perfect balance of practicality and affordability.

What Is a Scratch Map?

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, a Scratch Map offers a perfect representation of countries around the world which are covered by coloured foil.

Depending on what type of Scratch Map you have, the focus could be on European countries, or the whole world.

As well as offering an immersive experience that helps the young, old and everyone in between to learn more about the world around them, they also look great on display.

People who purchase Scratch Maps as a gift will want to ensure that the map they purchase is the right choice for the person close to them, which is why so many different versions have been introduced.

This leads to the Scratch Map Chalk Edition, a design that implements the same alluring aesthetic as before, but with overtones of a chalkboard.

Why a Scratch Map Chalk Map?

When purchasing a map, there can be several reasons as to why a specific design will appeal to some more than others.

The chalk design is not only the ideal gift for those who enjoy nostalgia, but it can also be the ideal gift for those in the teaching profession or help with football coaching.

As well as bearing a characteristic that will transport many back to their childhood, the Scratch Map Chalk can still be used to document recent travels and events.

When removing the top layer of a country, the underside reveals a vibrant colour that allows your travels so far to stand out from afar.

Purchasing a Scratch Map ensures that you’re giving a gift that’s completely original, and of a robust nature due to the following material being used during the manufacturing of the Scratch Map:

  • Bright and Vibrant Underlay
  • Black Foil
  • High-Quality Paper and Laminate

The Scratch Map Chalk Edition measures in at 82.5 x 59.4 cm, making it the ideal centrepiece for any home or office.

Why Choose GiftLab for the Scratch Mao Chalk Edition?

When shopping online, there is often a lot of choices. However, the shopping process needs to be stress-free to get the most pleasure from the gift-buying experience.

GiftLab understands how exciting the gift selection process can be, which is why it only offers reputable products that are designed to inspire and be personable to the person receiving them.

As well as being able to offer a vast amount of Scratch Maps, GiftLab hosts many other products that make the online shopping experience a seamless one.