The Scratch Map Original Travel

What’s better than receiving the gift of a Scratch Map Travel? Well, how about a travel edition of the iconic map?

The original Scratch Map Original caused such a stir with the masses, but they were keen for something that could be taken while visiting another country.

This is whether the Scratch Map Original comes into play. Offering all the functionality of a Scratch Map, but in a more manageable size, budding travellers can record every aspect of their journey while mobile.

Of course, there are plenty more people that enjoy Scratch Maps. Even those who don’t get to travel as much as they’d like to use a Scratch Map as a source of inspiration when planning their perfect holiday.

The Features of the Scratch Map Original Travel

Although the Scratch Map Original Travel shares a lot of traits with its bigger brother, there have been some features added that make it the perfect campaign for those who enjoy travelling.

Those who have not had the enjoyment of a Scratch Map before can look forward to the following features:

  • Gold Foil Panels on a Glossy Backdrop
  • Available in Regular and XL
  • Made in the UK
  • Made of High-Quality Materials
  • Blank Map on Reverse for Notes

The Scratch Map Original is small enough to be used while out and about, but large enough to offer enough detail about the territory you’re visiting.

Ideal for Festival Enthusiasts

Festivals can take many forms, but there will be a series of events that take place in other countries, and this is where the Scratch Map Original can be useful.

Avid festival-goers can scratch off the country of each festival as they visit, and then display the Scratch Map for all to see when they return home.

The Perfect Gift for Backpackers

When embarking on a backpacking adventure, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is the perfect way of scratching off destination as and when they’re visited.

As well as being used to record the countries that have been visited so far, the Scratch Map Travel is ideal for discovering neighbouring countries that may be of interest.

Learn in a Fun and immersive Way

When learning a new subject, some may become bored if there’s nothing immersive about the teachings. The Scratch Map Original Travel and other iterations of the Scratch Map series are perfect for teaching people about the world.

Capture Memories as You Travel

Social media plays a large part in capturing travels, but tin in some instances, people will be looking for a more tactile way of documenting their travels.

As well as being able to cater to the needs of many people, the Scratch Map Travel Original is also of high quality, meaning that regardless of how many times the map is updated, it will retina it’s luxurious finish.