Scratch Map Travel Deluxe

As well as the Scratch Map Original being a hit with the masses, the Scratch Map Travel edition also proved to be popular.

However, as before, fans of the Scratch Map series were hungry for more, and what better way to give the people what they want then a deluxe travel edition of the Scratch Map Travel?

As before, Luckies has taken its iconic design and applied an original approach to offer another Scratch Map that offers a beautiful aesthetic as well as a lot of practicality.

The Features of the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe

As well as offering the same immersive qualities as a regular Scratch Map Deluxe, the travel edition of the map has been designed with travellers in mind, but can still be the perfect gift for students, children, young professionals and couples.

The dimension of the Scratch Map Deluxe measures in at 42 x 29.7 cm and offers those who receive the gift of a Scratch Map Travel Deluxe the following features:

  • Blank Map Included in Reverse for Notes
  • Available in Regular and XL
  • Beautiful Gold Foil Panel Set Again a Black Backdrop
  • Created Using High-Quality Materials

Learn More About the World

As well as being a vital part of your travel inventory, the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe can offer a slew of facts about different countries as each panel is scratched off.

This ensures that the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is not only suitable for those who travel to a different destination but can also be used as a teaching tool.

Children and students alike can learn about the world around them in a fun and immersive way.

An Affordable Gift That Breaks Conformity

On the surface, the gift of a map could seem like a boring one, but the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is a gift that can be personalised in so many ways and introduces a novel way of capturing memories.

Why the Scratch Map Deluxe Is the Perfect Gift

The Scratch Map Deluxe is the perfect gift for many, albeit in different ways. While many people will use them to record travels, they hold so much more appeal to the masses.

Some may use the Scratch Map Deluxe to record memorable events, whereas others may be looking for a unique centrepiece for their room.

There are even people who have fallen in love with the Scratch Map series overall and are keen to collect every edition.

Those who give the gift of a Scratch Map Deluxe can be confident that they’re giving a gift that will last, while still being practical and original.

The success of the Luckies range has meant that there are competitors looking to cash in on the success. Remember, only Luckies can offer a Scratch Map that is affordable and professional.