Scratch Map Europe

Given the success of the original Scratch Map back in 2009, it should come as no surprise that there have been several iterations that have built on the concept of the original.

As well as offering a series of travel editions, Luckies also released several deluxe editions for those looking for a slightly more premium product.

The Scratch Map series has been so popular that Luckies has now introduced a European version of its Scratch Map designed for those focused on travels within Europe.

Euro breaks have become popular due to the amount of choice on offer, as well as being affordable.

As avid travellers are keen to record their adventures along the way, a Scratch Map can seem like the perfect travelling companion.

Despite the previous iterations of the map being a success with the masses, those only concentrating on Europe may fins that a world map is too overwhelming.

Fortunately, Luckies has created the Scratch Map Europe, the perfect travel companion that also introduces travellers to a wealth of facts as they travel.

The Features of the Scratch Map Europe

Those familiar with Scratch Maps will find that the same simple but effective design is employed, albeit focusing on Europe.

Measuring in 82.5 x 59.4 cm, the Scratch Map Europe offers the following benefits:

  • Golden Foil Panels on Gloss Paper
  • Includes Information Relating to Local Food, Landmarks and Traditions
  • Comes Complete with Presentation Tube
  • Manufactured in the UK


As well as the above features, the Scratch Map Europe also has the same professional finish seen in all versions of the Scratch Map.


Why Choose the Scratch Map Europe?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people choose the Scratch Map Europe, and it’s not only those who enjoy travelling that are taken advantage.

There are a series of events that can take place in Europe, and the Scratch Map Europe can be the ideal planning tool or used to document the festivals and events you’ve attended.

The Scratch Map Europe can also be used as an educational tool in a series of different settings. If your children have become fascinated with the world, then why not allow them to learn about neighbouring countries.

As their interest grows, you can always update to a Scratch Map that covers the globe.

They’re also ideal in classrooms, as being able to scratch of different panels adds an element of fun to teachings.

The immersive nature of the Scratch Map Europe ensures that children are learning while using the map, and there is more likelihood of the knowledge being retained.

The many uses of a Scratch Map has been one of the main reasons as to why they remain a popular choice as a gift for many different people.