The Scratch Map Original

If you’ve been on the outlook for a unique and practical gift, then you may have of heard of Scratch Maps before.

The Scratch Map was created by Luckies in 2009 and has been able to enjoy a plethora of new design since its original release.

As well as making an ideal gift for those close to use, many have fallen in love with the concept of a Scratch Map and have made every effort to include every design in their collection.

Although there have been many iterations of the original Scratch Map, there still a lot of appeal in the original design.

Introducing the Scratch Map Original

The Scratch Map Original has been a popular gift choice for numerous reasons. Some may use them to plan a bucket list, whereas others may use a Scratch Map to learn more around the world around them.

The Scratch Map Original measures 82.5 x 59.4 cm and offers the following features:

  • An Introduction to the Frist Ever Scratch Map
  • A Luxurious Gold Foil on Gloss Paper
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Includes Canadian Provinces and Territories
  • Includes US and Australian State Lines

As you can, just because the Scratch Map Original was the first-ever design, it doesn’t scrimp on the features.

The Scratch Map Original Looks Great Around the Home

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a unique way of documenting your travels, or just looking for a unique map to display in the home, the Scratch Map Original is the ideal centrepiece for any room.

Makes Learning About the World More Fun

When learning about the world, what could be more fun that scratching off different countries as we go?

The World Scratch Map Original offers an immersive experience that teaches children about the environment and different cultures around the world.

Celebrate an Anniversary in Style

Do you have parents that like to travel to celebrate their time together? Or maybe your friends with a couple who met in a country and have never parted since.

Regardless of the background, the Scratch Map Original can be the perfect way of capturing the spirit of travel and offers a tactile keepsake that can be enjoyed in the long-term.

Follow Your Favourite Bands Around the World

The Scratch Map Original is ideal for those who can’t get enough of their favourite musical act. Some are so invested in the world of music that they will travel the world to catch the best festivals and show.

Although photographs can do a lot to capture memories, the Scratch Map Original is the perfect way of looking back at your time on the road, and all the wonderful music you were able to enjoy.

Why Choose the Scratch Map Original?

Like any successful product, there can be a lot of imposters that offer a similar product. Although these may seem more cost-effective on the surface, they are often of a lower quality, and not designed to last.

The use of laminate and card ensures that the Scratch Map Original stays intact regardless of how many times the layers are scratched off.