Scratch Map Rainbow Edition

Those familiar with scratch maps will know only too well how appealing they are. However, those experiencing Scratch Maps for the first time may be wondering what the appeal of Scratch Maps is.

The scratch map was first introduced back in 2009, and was a hit with the masses, regardless of whether they were looking for unique ways to document their travels, or a unique item to give their home or workspace some added character.

Scratch Maps can be used in a series of different ways, which included but are not limited to the following:

  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Playgroups
  • Travel Agents

The popularity of the Scratch Map range has meant a series of different maps have been released to adapt to different needs, such as the Scratch Map Travel Edition.

However, some have just been fascinated by the Scratch Maps themselves and are keen to collect all the different Scratch Map editions as they are released.

Whether you’re new to the world of Scratch Maps or using one for the first time, the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition is the perfect entry point.

Not only is the ideal gift for those who travel a lot, but it can also be the best aid for those looking for a tactile way of discovering facts around the world.

The following is just an overview of the many different people who enjoy receiving a Scratch Map as a gift:

  • Young Professionals
  • Children
  • Avid Travellers
  • Music Fans
  • Parents Celebrating an Anniversary

The scratch map is such a novel but practical gift, that it would be hard not to be impressed when receiving one as a gift.

What Does the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition Offer?

Those who have used a Scratch Map before will find that there is a lot of similarities with other Scratch Maps, although there is enough difference to warrant adding this premium Scratch Map to your collection.

The layers of each country are covered by vibrant green layer, which when scratched unveil a multitude of countries boasting a unique rainbow design.

The premium finish of the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition is due to the map being manufactured using the following materials.

  • Holographic Foil
  • Latex
  • Paper
  • Gloss Laminate

Not only does the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition offer an immersive aesthetic, but the underlay also changes colour depending on the position of the map, ensuring a unique experience for each user.

The luxurious finish ensures that regardless of who receives the gift of a Scratch Map, it’s hard not be impressed by what’s on offer.

What Features Does the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition Have?

As well as offering a unique look, the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition can also offer the following features to map users.

  • Shimmering Base Layer
  • Close-Ups of the Caribbean and Europe
  • Marked Capitals

As well as being the ideal gift to brighten up any space, the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition also offers enough features to keep children and adults alike remain interested in them.