Hang! Poster Hanger

Are you an avid collector of scratch maps and looking for something that allows you to display your collection with pride? Or maybe you have a collection of old posters that you’ve been wanting to frame for some time but have found the process to be costly?

Fear not, as the Hang! Poster hanger is a prime example of how affordable and simple a solution can be, while still showcasing your maps and posters with ease.

Introducing the Hang! Poster Hanger

As the name would suggest, the Hang! Poster hanger is designed to hang posters and maps with ease.

The dimensions of the Hang! Poster hanger is 87 x 6 x 3.5 cm and is crafted from MDF, polyester and neodymium.

The poster hanger comes complete with 4 panels, 6 magnets and 1 polyester cord. Simply attach the map or poster to the magnetic panels and you’re good to go.

Why Use a Hang! Poster Hanger?

Many people assume that expensive framing must be carried out when presenting maps and posters in their best light.

However, these aren’t always suitable for some properties and can be very costly depending on how many posters you have to frame.

The magnetic poster hanger option is not only affordable but also offers a professional finish that ensures your maps, posters and works of art are displayed in a way that is alluring and aesthetically-pleasing.

Uses of the Hang! Magnetic Poster Hanger

The great thing about the Hang! Magnetic poster hanger is its adaptable design. This means that they are safe enough to use in a series of different environments, which include but aren’t limited to the following:


Are you displaying maps so the children can learn about geography? Or maybe you’re looking for an immersive way to set out rules from the classroom?

Whatever a school is looking to display, the Hang magnetic poster hanger not only looks great in the classroom but omits any danger seen with heavier solutions, meaning there is no risk of injury.

Looks Great in the Bedroom

Regardless of whether you’re hanging posters that echo yesteryear or want to show off your vast movie poster collection, Hang! Is the perfect solution.

No more will you have to worry about running walls when trying to hang weighty frames, as the Hang! Magnetic poster hanger can be deployed in seconds, and its sleek design means that it can conform to almost any décor.

Brighten Up the Workplace

Looking to display the company moto where everyone can see it? Or maybe you’re wanting to display some of the advertising being used in the latest campaign?

Poster hangers are the ideal way of displaying information to the masses, and the ease-of-use means they can be used again and again with very little effort.

What’s more, they cost very little when compared to other methods, which could also be more time-consuming.

The Luckies Hang! magnetic poster hanger is an adaptable, robust and affordable way of hanging posters, pictures, maps and anything else that is of a similar size.