Maps Taken to the Next Level with the Scratch Map Deluxe

Since the launch of the original Scratch Map back in 2009, the use of scratch maps has become popular among the masses and continue to be a popular gift today.

The popularity of scratch maps means that people who received these maps wanted more choice when documenting their travels while still being able to enjoy the same beautiful present that the original offered.

Although the Original Scratch Map served a purpose for the masses, people also wanted something a little more compact so they could be taken abroad with little issues.

Fortunately, Luckies reintroduced the scratch map with some additional features to make usability more flexible.

The new iteration of the classic design is designed to be as big or small ss you need, along with a selection of other features not seen with conventional maps.

The Benefits of a Scratch Map

Scratch maps are pupilar for different reasons, but they are a novel and practical way of learning about the world around us, or for recording travels we’ve made.

The tactile nature of the map means that making plans are more realistic and less evasive and recording each country you visit helps give more momentum when it comes to planning future holidays.

These aren’t the only benefit of Scratch Maps, as they can be adapted to several different settings including the home, the office and the classroom.

Introducing the Scratch Map Deluxe

The Scratch Map Deluxe brings back all that was great about the original and builds on this platform to offer more premium features and usability.

The map has a luxurious back matte finish with a premium gold overlay. As well as being available in 42 x 29.7 cm, the Scratch Map Deluxe is also available in regular and extra-small size.

Even if you’re not familiar with the Scratch Map concept, each map is designed with ease of use in mind.

The Scratch Map Deluxe not only allows a traveller to record their travels, but they can also enjoy facts about different countries as each section is scratched off.

Even scratching off the foil can be an experience, which is why so many are choosing the Luckies Scratch Map as a gift for those close to them.

The Perfect Gift for Cartographers

It would be easy to assume that those who design maps may find a Scratch Map Deluxe one map too many, but many cartographers are only happy to expand on their profession and receive a gift that truly illustrates their professional or happy.

Not only does a scratch map allow cartographer an immersive map that offers more functions that of a regular map, but it will also look great in their office, reinforcing their love of cartography

The premium gold and black finish will be unlike one a cartographer has been given before, meaning that it still has a hint of originality when being given as a gift.

Teach Children About the World in an Exciting Way

The use of maps can seem boring to children, and while this is understandable this doesn’t mean that parents and teachers are failing, it’s simply a case of finding a more immersive way of presenting the world.

The Scratch Map Deluxe can be a great way of doing this, as each country reveals a fact when the panel is scratched off.

This can also be a great way of testing children what they know about a country, revealing the answer via the panel.

As well as being able to teach children about the world around them, they also look great in a bedroom, especially if they become immersed in what kind of cultures and experiences are available to them in the future.

The scratch panels alone are often enough to lure in the curious nature of children, and before long they’re learning about their environment while having fun.

The Scratch Map can also be a great aid for those studying cartography or geography as it can be an ideal point of reference.

It also means that children are less reliable on the Internet when making sense of the world around them, allowing them to form their own outlook on life and the wonders it has to offer.

Use Scratch Maps to Celebrate Anniversaries

Although some couples like to visit the same place over and over, others will be looking to broaden their horizons and visit countries they’ve not visited before.

A scratch map is a perfect gift for these types of occasions, as they look great around the home, and can help a couple reflect on their journey.

Given the high quality of a Scratch Map Deluxe, there’s no danger of it becoming damaged over time as long as it’s taken care off, which means that there is time limit when it comes to couples making special memories that can be recorded on the map.

Follow Your Favourite Hobbies Around the World

Some may enjoy music, while others may prefer festivals. In some instances, the event could even include movies and comic conventions, but staying close to home means that there are experiences being missed out on.

The Scratch Map Deluxe is the perfect gift for those looking to record their travels or make plans for the many upcoming events on the horizon.

Why Choose Scratch Map Deluxe

When searching for scratch maps, you may find that there are options available that seem cheaper. Although there may be a lower cost associated with these types of maps, those buying them as gifts do run the risk of purchasing an inferior product.

The cheap price is made possible because of the cheaper material used to manufacture the map. This could mean that the foil doesn’t come as easy as it should, or the map arrives damaged because it has been shipped from abroad.

GiftLab understands how important it is for a gift to arrive on time and in good condition, which is why it takes every precaution to ensure that ordered gifts arrive quickly and in pristine condition.