Give the Gift of a Scratch Map

We all love to travel, be it locally or globally, but some people love every aspect of travel and want to document as much as possible during their journeys.

Although there are a series of apps that can aid people with this, there is the danger of some platforms shutting down, and unless we’ve saved our memories, they could be gone forever.

Therefore, a lot of people prefer something tactile when it comes to documenting their global adventures.

Fortunately, just as technology has evolved so too have the options available in relation to maps.

Although many will be familiar with a map, be it a physical map or a digital iteration, a map can say so much more about a person and the adventures they’ve been on.

The Luckies Scratch Map meets all the requirements of the everyday map user while offering a premium finish that will match with any décor.

This is why scratchable maps have gained such a following around the world, and still popular with many different people.

What is a Scratch Map?

As the name suggests, a scratch map is a map in which the user scratches of different regions. Although the map is 100% accurate, it introduces a more professional design that looks great in any home, be it modern or rustic.

The design can depend on your tastes, but there are several options available, but those to new to the world of scratch maps will often choose the classic to start with.

The original scratch map was introduced back in 2009 and is presented in a gold and white finish. The gold foil sits upon gloss paper and includes all US and Australian state lines as well as Canadian provinces.

The map is constructed from laminate, card and coloured foil and measures in at 82.5 x 59.4 cm and is perfect for anyone who has a bucket list or several journeys to record.

When buying a scratch map as a gift, you want to ensure that you’re not investing in a cheap copy, as this could mean that the map soon perishes.

The Luckies Original Scratch Map is made in the United Kingdom, using only the most premium of materials.

What’s more, the maps are still cost-effective when compared to some of the inferior copies, especially given that they’re built to last.

Who Uses a Scratch Map?

The reason why scratch maps have become some popular is because of how novel they are, while still being practical.

These are great qualities for the perfect gift, which means that word of how great the original scratch map was soon reached the masses.

Those who received scratch maps as a gift soon found just how practical they really are, and how great they look on display, which meant more and more scratch maps were sold as a result.

People use scratch maps for a variety of reason, with some of the more popular being the following:

Follow a Favourite Band on The Road

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with a certain act or genre of music, and they will do anything they can to ensure they catch their favourite act on the road.

Although social media posts are a given, music fans will want something a bit more personal when it comes to reliving these amazing memories.

The use of scratch map not only allows music fans to record where they’ve seen they’re current acts so far but can be used as part of the planning process when following a band on the road.

Even after the excitement has died down, music fans will be able to look at their scratch map and relive a vast amount of amazing memories.

Set New Goals with Added Incentives

We all have great ideas, but like most things, they can go to waste if we don’t write them down. The psychology of this is to aim toward something. It could be a holiday, a new car or even a new way of living.

Budding travellers will just want to see what’s available in the great wide world, and what treasures they’ve yet to unearth.

The original scratch map allows users to record where they’ve already been while being able to discover new territories that are nearby.

Of course, other research will need to be carried out in relation to vaccinations and do’s and don’ts, but planning journeys using a map can help sidestep some of the subjective comments that could dissuade travellers from visiting places they were interested in.

Boost Staff Morale

It’s not only the home that can benefit from a scratch map, but also the workplace. Although local businesses will be happy to keep their demographic small, those who work alongside other businesses or international corporations will often have to expand globally.

This often means that every employee will have their part to play, and the display of a map that covers potential demographic is a great way for employees to focus on the task at hand.

They’re also a great way of showcasing just how well the business is doing currently, and what’s more, they look fantastic around the office.

If you’re looking to amaze someone with a gift that is affordable, unique and personal, then a scratch map is the ideal gift.

GiftLab has a vast selection of scratch maps available, including the Original Scratch Map, the design that started it all.

Place your order now to ensure that the gift you give is on time and designed to bring jot to those that receive it.