The Scratch Map Is a Gift for All Seasons

The gift buying experience is something that should be enjoyed, but more often than not, people find the experience is marred by disappointment and stress. Fortunately, there are avenues available that can ensure the frustration and stress associated with shopping are omitted and offer an original and inspiring gift idea that is perfect for all seasons.
The first Scratch Map was introduced in 2009 and has continued to evolve since then. As such, there are many Scratch Maps available that can be purchased for several situations and personalities.

Understandably, not many people consider a map to be a great gift idea, and in some situations this would be correct. However, the Scratch Map works with the basic premise of a map but adds its own spin to deliver a unique experience.

The following is an overview of some the Scratch Maps available, and why the make perfect gifts for all season.

A Scratch Map at Christmas Helps Keep New Year Resolutions

Have you heard friends discussing their dream holiday? Or maybe you have had discussions with family members about them catching the favourite band on the road? Why not give them so encouragement and inspiration this Christmas with a Scratch Map.

If you have a friend who has a dream of backpacking, then the Scratch Map Backpacker edition provides everything needed for the perfect backpacking adventure. Those more interested in visiting landmarks will love the Scratch Map USA Landmarks, as each scratch offers up information on various landmarks, and its American aesthetic looks superb on display.
If friends and family have been talking about travelling for some time, then why not help them stick to the New Year resolution by offering some inspiration in the form of a Scratch Map.

Birthday Ideas are No Longer Limited Thanks to Scratch Maps

People love buying each other gifts, but each year can mean that the process is more challenging. As there is a Scratch Map for every type of personality, finding one as a birthday gift is a pleasurable experience. The Framed Scratch Map Deluxe is an indulgent Scratch Map that looks terrific in the home and the office and can be displayed straight away.
Searching for a gift for a friend with a wicked sense of humour? Then the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World could be just what you’re looking for.
As the raunchy name implies, the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World allows friends and family to learn over 200 international expletives. While strictly adult, the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World is the perfect birthday gift for those that can see the funny side.

A Wonderful Gift for Celebrating Anniversaries

The place a couple meets can be one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and those searching for the perfect gift idea will find that there are several Scratch Maps that not only help capture the romantic nature of the occasion, but also help shine light on the location where the loving couple met.

Among the options available are the Framed Scratch Map Rose Gold, a Scratch Map that embodies the tones of love and union. There are also Scratch Maps focused on capital cities and Europe, so there are plenty of options available for couples wanting to celebrate where they met.

What’s more, regardless of what Scratch Map is chosen, it can be used to inspire further travels in the future.

Make Halloween a Memorable One with a Scratch Maps

The connection between Halloween and maps may not seem prevalent at first, but when you once understand how popular the season is, you get a better idea of why people use Scratch Maps during Halloween.

Some people may want to pinpoint some of the favourite haunts around the world, where horror aficionados may want to keep track of movies releases around the world. In short, if you have friends and family that love everything horrific, then a Scratch Map will be a gift that is adored.
The options listed are merely an overview of the different ways Scratch Maps make brilliant gift idea. Of course, there is no reason what you cannot treat yourself in the process.