Travel Scratch Map USA Edition

If you thought Cowboy’s only existed in movies, like the great epic ” The Good The Bad and The Ugly ” then think again. With 15 regions of working Cowboys still riding out, today then you better ” Get on your horse and drink your milk “.

I got to thinking about all the great speghetti westerns I grew up with and wondered if it was too late when the heart pulls towards such dramatic landscapes as the Uttah / Arizona border with magnificent red wall cliff and turquoise blue water where more recent movies were filmed, like National Lampoons and Johnny Depp Lone Ranger, and the answer is that it is never too late and a road trip from Texas to Oklahoma, home of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and rodeos demonstrations show it is very much alive.
If you want to take your road trip of a lifetime USA West then, you will need the Travel scratch Map USA edition as your guide and maybe you might just get around to doing it, ” your’e gonna make it, then your’e gonna get mean, I mean plumb mad-dog mean “. Put on your cowboy boots and map out your journey through the 15 regions and numbered states on the easy to roll out map and scroll carry tube in matching colours. The number states help you pen in your route and log down places to visit and stay with space to log your favourite travel experiences. Once you have discovered a region, Get the foil covered scratch map and scratch off the red and blue stars and stripes coloured foil and record your journey through the most beautiful national parks of the USA.
This travel size map of the USA is the perfect companion map and journal, with the easy to roll and store tube fitting easy into baggage or rucksack for road trips that may lean towards changes on route, the reverse becomes your own route planner and logging diary. You have the perfect map, and no excuse now, so hire that cool car and get ready for a road trip through the wild wild west, YE HA!