What To Buy A Man Who Has Everything For His Birthday

Scratch Map World Poster

A Man’s Birthday is very special. It symbolizes the arrival of the head of the family, the one who takes on and steps on, the protector and generally carries the World upon his shoulders. They are quite about it because it is just what they do and at times we forget that they have dreams too. So when we say “they have everything” it is usually because we planned it, bought it, or someone happened to give it to them.

The Scratch Map World Poster

personalized world map poster

You could buy him a Scratch map of the World but then that is already on his shoulders ! Unless stated as his ultimate dream destination I would get him a Scratch Map of Europe and no matter what he is into, you know that it is not too far away and not going to put pressure on him enjoying his pleasure.

Endless detail with the Scratch Map

A football fanatic can experience great magic with the top 25 stadiums in Europe like Barcelona and Madrid and then perhaps a bit of cultural shopping before scratching the foil from the map following your personal journey, remembering and celebrating.

The Europe Scratch Map is a quality laminated poster to hang on the wall saying let us remember the importance of his birthday and that we care about you and although you ask for nothing because you have everything, there is still pleasure to be had and you deserve it.

When you buy a Scratch Map, you will be saying, here is everything when you want it, and because it hasn’t happened yet can you really be sure he has everything?

Scratch off Map poster

Scratch off map with storage tube

Scratch off Map displaying Canada

USA in detail on the Scratch Map