Scratch Off Where You’ve Been with The Scratch Map Travel Map

Seems the majority of us have bought into the package holiday since the 1960’s. We lost our freedom and we didn’t even notice, with a pack um in mentality, stare at the same piece of pool or sea for 2 weeks and age badly. Wonder if that’s what ” package means” !

The Maldives has so much more to offer than wondering if your going to get a better tan than the lady sat in C 10 who looks like she’s got a head start from a spray booth ! and on the flight back you realise the paler ones are all full of excited chats and laughter about their fun packed holidays because they went out and explored. You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach because you travelled half way around the World but have nothing to tell. Stories about the old girl who took the speedboat through choppy waters and lost her false teeth, the guy in front who went on a fishing trip and got caught in a tropical storm, but lived to tell the tale with a luxury lodge on stilts and champagne upgrade.

” Every cloud has a silver lining ” and with this laptop size Scratch off Map & Travel Map you can pen your plans on the World chart of how you took the wrong turn but ended up in a magical village in the alps, and then record where you actually visited by scratching off the foil on the Map of the World, which is a mini version of the original wall poster size scratch map.

A great travel companion that fits in your rucksack and is durable to roll in and out of the strong scroll tube without creasing.

Don’t just take a tan home, take your life story home !