Create Your Own Visual Travel Record With The Scratch Map

You can spend a lifetime studying life and reading self help books gaining knowledge but then one day, you realise you have been following someone else’s life journey.
It is time to put them books down, and start a journey that will record your own life.
The original Scratch Map started right here to create your very own visual travel record. Do not wait until retirement, the industrial revolution ended long since. The World is waiting for YOU.

A poster size map of the World in a quality laminate white shiny finish
Country’s of the World are covered in gold foil ready to be discovered
Start wherever you like and then scratch away the foil to uncover your colourful journey with facts. See how the map changes colour to guide you to your next destination
Comes in a very attractive scroll tube of strong matte gold cardboard with black print outlines and written names of cities and country’s
Easy to transport and doesn’t crease no matter how many times you roll it up
A lovely decorative poster that would look great on any wall, home or office. Looks amazing in a framed in your choice of materials to compliment your room. A piece of art work that inspires us to live life to the full
Features World facts, Oceans,and Islands.
We have to admire people who walk their own life. Start to create now with The Scratch Map by your side reminding you that You are where it all starts.