The original since 2009.

The Scratch Map™ was conceived in 2009 when the team at Luckies, already exploring the use of scratchable foils, realised that applying it to a map would be the perfect way to record your travels. Several prototypes later and our original white-and-gold map, now synonymous with the Scratch Map™ brand, was born. Since then, the Scratch Map™ has gone global with dozens of unique styles, from world maps to national maps, and language editions to limited editions, all featuring high-end materials and print processes. But we’ve only just scratched the surface.

How it works

Every Scratch Map™ is covered in a thin layer of scratchable foil. Removing the foil to reveal the vibrant colours and details below creates a personalised and unique piece of wall art that serves as a record of everywhere you’ve visited. You can also uncover previously hidden detail, fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations.

Sustainably sourced.

All official Scratch Map™ products are printed on FSC-certified paper and packed in FSC-certified card tubes. This means our materials are sourced from sustainably-managed forests, leaving the landscapes you visit on your travels untouched.