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Travel Scratch Map USA Edition

If you thought Cowboy’s only existed in movies, like the great epic ” The Good The Bad and The Ugly ” then think again. With 15 regions of working Cowboys still riding out, today then you better ” Get on your horse and drink your milk “.

I got to thinking about all the great speghetti westerns I grew up with and wondered if it was too late when the heart pulls towards such dramatic landscapes as the Uttah / Arizona border with magnificent red wall cliff and turquoise blue water where more recent movies were filmed, like National Lampoons and Johnny Depp Lone Ranger, and the answer is that it is never too late and a road trip from Texas to Oklahoma, home of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and rodeos demonstrations show it is very much alive.
If you want to take your road trip of a lifetime USA West then, you will need the Travel scratch Map USA edition as your guide and maybe you might just get around to doing it, ” your’e gonna make it, then your’e gonna get mean, I mean plumb mad-dog mean “. Put on your cowboy boots and map out your journey through the 15 regions and numbered states on the easy to roll out map and scroll carry tube in matching colours. The number states help you pen in your route and log down places to visit and stay with space to log your favourite travel experiences. Once you have discovered a region, Get the foil covered scratch map and scratch off the red and blue stars and stripes coloured foil and record your journey through the most beautiful national parks of the USA.
This travel size map of the USA is the perfect companion map and journal, with the easy to roll and store tube fitting easy into baggage or rucksack for road trips that may lean towards changes on route, the reverse becomes your own route planner and logging diary. You have the perfect map, and no excuse now, so hire that cool car and get ready for a road trip through the wild wild west, YE HA!
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USA Scratch Map and the USA Scratch Map travel edition

Life is like one big movie, only it is moving that fast that we hardly noticed, we didn’t even star in it at all. Like smoke through a keyhole, puff and it was gone, we became dreamers and observers. The must have scratch map has to be USA, because we feel the passion for it, we have seen it in the movies and there is something magical about the native American dream maker journey,and then to the space travel of modern day.

Strap yourself in for the big dream. Let me take you on a journey of Music, and Movies, and Monumental landscapes that seduce us to the mountains where the rhythms beat out to the rivers and streams of the Deep South.

See how your personalised travel Map can take you to Hollywood to a movie experience like no other with imprints of stars from your favourite movies, and take you to Dollywood, the birth place of country music, bluegrass and southern gospel. Nobody, I say, nobody love to see a girl have fun like Dolly. She smoking them tunes out in the mountains at Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

The USA scratch map “will be with you, all of the way”. The poster size quality laminate map of America is covered in foil red and white stripes and baby blue with stars for you to scratch off and reveal the great states with initialled grid along the bottom to keep track of your journey. Give your travels the 5 star rating by marking on the map your favourite capitals, motels, and burgers. Don’t work 9 to 5 all your life, let’s go to Jackson with Johnny Cash and June Carter footsteps in your path.
The poster comes in decorative scroll tube for safe keeping but will make a wow factor framed and on the wall. A reminder that you took part in life’s movie and heard the music.

USA Scratch Map Travel Edition

Designed to literally be with you all of the way this smaller version will fit in your rucksack for amazing road trips. Will it be Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Barbara, Napa Valley vineyards, through Malibu, Santa Monica Hollywood, sampling world class cuisine in Los Angeles and San Francisco en route. Or will it be Route 66 Chicago to Santa Monica.
What about Texas to Florida for the complete music experience, New Orleans soulful jazz, Memphis blues, gospel and rock & roll, then Nashville honky tonk bars and country & western.

From Hollywood to Dollywood the USA Scratch Maps will help you make ” The Dream ” a reality.

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What To Buy A Man Who Has Everything For His Birthday

Scratch Map World Poster

A Man’s Birthday is very special. It symbolizes the arrival of the head of the family, the one who takes on and steps on, the protector and generally carries the World upon his shoulders. They are quite about it because it is just what they do and at times we forget that they have dreams too. So when we say “they have everything” it is usually because we planned it, bought it, or someone happened to give it to them.

The Scratch Map World Poster

personalized world map poster

You could buy him a Scratch map of the World but then that is already on his shoulders ! Unless stated as his ultimate dream destination I would get him a Scratch Map of Europe and no matter what he is into, you know that it is not too far away and not going to put pressure on him enjoying his pleasure.

Endless detail with the Scratch Map

A football fanatic can experience great magic with the top 25 stadiums in Europe like Barcelona and Madrid and then perhaps a bit of cultural shopping before scratching the foil from the map following your personal journey, remembering and celebrating.

The Europe Scratch Map is a quality laminated poster to hang on the wall saying let us remember the importance of his birthday and that we care about you and although you ask for nothing because you have everything, there is still pleasure to be had and you deserve it.

When you buy a Scratch Map, you will be saying, here is everything when you want it, and because it hasn’t happened yet can you really be sure he has everything?

Scratch off Map poster

Scratch off map with storage tube

Scratch off Map displaying Canada

USA in detail on the Scratch Map

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Create Your Own Visual Travel Record with the Scratch Map

personalized travel record

Sometimes we spend a whole year planning and saving for a holiday because it is something to look forward to in a World full of control and work. A chance to get away from it all.

Visual travel record, The Scratch Map

You have then trawled the internet for deals and decided “oh that looks nice” and it’s a bargain, look we saved money by going to Malta or Madeira even though these islands are volcanic rocks jutting out the ocean one with catholic military architecture and one with flowers but you wanted no shoes on a white sand island with turtles laying eggs and multi colored fish swimming into your goggles. So really what is in your heart ? Mauritius or the Maldives perhaps, ? so what we waiting for .Then you clearly need a Scratch Map.

Visual travel record map

Imagine during the war you are in control of the map, pushing the model boats and tanks across the map where you want them to travel to protect our land. Doing a great job for others but what if you were pushing yourself around the map. Where would you go ?

Personalized World Scratch Map Poster

The World Scratch Map poster is for YOU and is made from quality laminated paper in a choice of background colors depending on the map you choose. All high quality finish like the shiny white or the matte black with gold or copper foil covering the countries and islands that you will want to discover for yourself. Then piece by piece as you travel around the world and scratch off the foil turning plain country’s into colorful facts and records.
Choose World Map, Europe Map, America Map and many more from U.K. original design and manufacturer, Luckies of London.

Scratch off where you've been

So you are in charge of your destination. Free to plan and explore as the Scratch Map is here to help you create and see your journey. No more rooting through boxes or memory sticks to reveal your travel record. With the Scratch Map, it is plastered all over your wall. Waiting and watching your next move.

It’s All Going To Be Magnificent, around the world, and back home on the wall.

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Scratch Off Where You’ve Been with The Scratch Map Travel Map

Seems the majority of us have bought into the package holiday since the 1960’s. We lost our freedom and we didn’t even notice, with a pack um in mentality, stare at the same piece of pool or sea for 2 weeks and age badly. Wonder if that’s what ” package means” !

The Maldives has so much more to offer than wondering if your going to get a better tan than the lady sat in C 10 who looks like she’s got a head start from a spray booth ! and on the flight back you realise the paler ones are all full of excited chats and laughter about their fun packed holidays because they went out and explored. You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach because you travelled half way around the World but have nothing to tell. Stories about the old girl who took the speedboat through choppy waters and lost her false teeth, the guy in front who went on a fishing trip and got caught in a tropical storm, but lived to tell the tale with a luxury lodge on stilts and champagne upgrade.

” Every cloud has a silver lining ” and with this laptop size Scratch off Map & Travel Map you can pen your plans on the World chart of how you took the wrong turn but ended up in a magical village in the alps, and then record where you actually visited by scratching off the foil on the Map of the World, which is a mini version of the original wall poster size scratch map.

A great travel companion that fits in your rucksack and is durable to roll in and out of the strong scroll tube without creasing.

Don’t just take a tan home, take your life story home !

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Create Your Own Visual Travel Record With The Scratch Map

You can spend a lifetime studying life and reading self help books gaining knowledge but then one day, you realise you have been following someone else’s life journey.
It is time to put them books down, and start a journey that will record your own life.
The original Scratch Map started right here to create your very own visual travel record. Do not wait until retirement, the industrial revolution ended long since. The World is waiting for YOU.

A poster size map of the World in a quality laminate white shiny finish
Country’s of the World are covered in gold foil ready to be discovered
Start wherever you like and then scratch away the foil to uncover your colourful journey with facts. See how the map changes colour to guide you to your next destination
Comes in a very attractive scroll tube of strong matte gold cardboard with black print outlines and written names of cities and country’s
Easy to transport and doesn’t crease no matter how many times you roll it up
A lovely decorative poster that would look great on any wall, home or office. Looks amazing in a framed in your choice of materials to compliment your room. A piece of art work that inspires us to live life to the full
Features World facts, Oceans,and Islands.
We have to admire people who walk their own life. Start to create now with The Scratch Map by your side reminding you that You are where it all starts.

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Large World Map Poster, The Scratch Map XL

Get the whole family involved with an extra Large Map of The World poster that is identical to the original Scratch Map with a quality laminate white finish and a gold foil layer over the country’s of the World
Depending on how adventurous and daring you are it may take some time to see the whole World so why not get family and friends involved for a bit of fun and get together sharing experience and taking it in turns to scratch and reveal each personal record in vibrant colours that emerge with facts about the city’s,the land and sea’s around the world.
There is always someone you know who is travelling, perhaps a brother and family going to the Canaries for some winter sun, or a nephew travelling for the first time to explore North Carolina and hop on a cruise to the Bahamas or a mad auntie planning a pilgrim walk along the road to Santiago to find herself.
What a great idea to meet up once a month and share tips and experience with some nibbles and wine and do the great uncovering together.


Extra large Map of the World from the original scratch maps designed and made in the U K to enhance personal travel experience.
An imposing feature and focus that looks amazing on any wall in home or office to remember and record your travels
It is good to share experience and a great excuse to get together and encourage each other to go for it
Interactive, have fun because there is a whole new World waiting for you to discover